Top BI Trends for 2015: Sizable BI Tool Migration

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Business Intelligence in the New Year

2014 saw the rise of mobile BI capabilities and cloud-based BI architecture. As we move into a new year, here are some of the top Business Intelligence trends to look for in 2015.


  • Meetings with interactive data: Meetings will become more engaging (and less painful) as people explore and manipulate colorful dashboards together, rather than trying to make sense of a static spreadsheet. As a result, organizations will get more insight from their data.
  • Mobile Analytics Mature: Many Business Intelligence giants like Oracle already offer mobile BI capabilities. Expect these technologies to mature in the new year as telecommuting and the demand for doing analysis on the road leads to more intuitive interfaces.
  • Rise of Cloud Analytics: Until recently, cloud analytics have been primarily used for data in cloud apps. According to Tableau, companies will begin choosing the cloud when it makes sense for their business case, not just because the data is there.
  • Evolving Role of IT: The IT guy won’t just be there to recover that file you accidentally deleted. IT departments and CIOs will be called upon to develop new strategies and ideas to help companies transition into a new era of tech.
  • Things Will Speed Up: As technology speeds up, so does business. Companies will be expected to analyze data and churn out solutions at lighting-fast speed. As analytics becomes standard operating procedure, users will go through processes like Oracle business intelligence migration as they start to rely on BI to make agile business decisions.

Start BI Tool Migration Cognos or Oracle in 2015!

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