How Sports Teams Use Business Intelligence

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Sports organizations have been using Business Intelligence tools to improve performance for years—does the movie Moneyball ring a bell?. Now, teams are also adopting analytics to boost the business side of operations as well. As the Super Bowl approaches, let’s reflect on the number of ways your favorite teams are benefiting from Oracle BI intelligence migration to improve the customer experience and the game!

Managing Players: From marathon runners to football players, athletics uses Business Intelligence to measure an individual athlete’s performance, such as speed, accuracy, or number of touchdowns. Business Intelligence also generates algorithms to identify scoring probability based on factors like stadium capacity, weather, how far a team had to travel, etc.

Managing Venues: Stadium/arena operation is no easy feat! With tens of thousands of people in one place at one time, it takes a robust enterprise software like SAP or Oracle to perform complex managerial tasks. It’s critical for sports organizations to know statistics like how many baseball caps to have in stock, how many hot dogs will be consumed, or if there are enough ticketing staff and parking attendants. BI tools allow for smoother operations and happier customers.


Data analytics can present teams with insight into what their athletes need, and what their fans want. With Business Intelligence tools by way of BI tool migration, companies can easily share stats, charts, and tables with employees at any level of the organization. This is especially important for sports teams since a majority of the workforce is in the service sector.

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