Big Data, Big Games

Online Gamer Keeping Up In the Gaming Industry

It is safe to say that games have been around as long as humans. Whether entertaining one’s self, merrymaking with friends or guests, competing in structured settings with others, or distracting young children, games have been a part of life since the beginning. Over the past several years, however, online games have become synonymous with a business term – profit. With this in mind, organizations and app developers know that they must get the right game in front of the right people to take advantage of this phenomenon.

Gaming consoles successfully took gaming out of the arcade and directly into the player’s home. With the addition of online interactivity through a console as well as opportunities to play over mobile devices, the market for game offerings has exploded exponentially. With this expansion, competition has also increased, with more games fighting for the attention of prospective players.

In order to be successful in this highly competitive market, providers must be able to:

  • Understand player behavior
  • Know how to engage the player
  • Market to their wants and needs

Business intelligence plays a key role to the success or failure of online games. Thanks to the aforementioned online interactivity, a plethora of data is collected. However, the key to is to create actionable measurements that surrounds a player’s preferences. Understanding players’ behaviors and segmenting them into like groups drives the design and offering of games to the target audience. Once the business knows how to engage the player, it can market additional items such as advanced options, similar games, and personalization just to name a few.

With a lot of money on the line, gaming companies will need to quickly separate the correct data from the multitude collected in order for skilled teams to analyze it properly. If the business is trying to gather the data from various storage centers to a platform like OBIEE, business intelligence migration is crucial. The ability to translate the information into understandable reporting that can be leveraged by various departments can not be underestimated.

Automated Report Conversion Can Be Seamless

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