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03 Jun 2014
by developer1

Universe file to RPD conversion automation

Dynasoft Synergy’s unique proprietary BI automation tool  “The Dynaflux System” can extract information from Universe files and convert into RPD files in few minutes. Dynasoft provides conversion as services. Conversion automation brings amazing time and cost savings . Dynasoft doesn’t need any knowledge transfer or data for the conversion. Our tool executes pixel perfect reports and metadata conversions across multiple BI systems.
This video is a sample demonstration of how the tool converts  Universe files to OBIEE RPD. 
14 May 2014
by developer1

BRIO / IR reports conversion automation To OBIEE 11g

Dynasoft Synergy’s unique proprietary BI automation tool (patent pending) “The Dynaflux system” can extract information from one reporting source and convert and publish reports in the target system, offering time and cost savings to its customers.

This video highlights this automated pixel perfect report conversion from BRIO / IR reports to OBIEE , walking the viewer through step by step of the conversion process and answering any questions he may have. Read more

08 Apr 2014
by developer1

BI Migration Data Access – Not a requirement

Biggest question in outsourcing a BI Migration project from legacy BI tools to newer technology BI reporting infrastructure is to provide the data access . Dynasoft, A leading technology service company with unique proprietary automation tool has migrated more than 4 thousand BI reports between 2012 and 2013 without data access.  In our automated process for BI Migration, the first phase invokes the extraction of the client report files (Metadata and the reports) which in turns invokes a parser to transform the reports to newer reporting infrastructure and eventually a fully completed new BI report. All automated. From this step on wards it is merely data verification and pixel to pixel look and feel verification or testing. Dynasoft provides fully completed new BI reports ready to be installed and used by customers.

Read more

27 Feb 2014
by developer1

It’s about everything else you have to do

Hey, we’ve all been there before!

We know what it’s like to manage a huge backlog of requests. “I need my new report yesterday!” “When is it going to be my turn to get a new report developed?” BI leaders and directors, especially those in a central position with the mandate to serve all, are all too familiar with questions like these from the constituents they serve.

So … along comes a new Business Intelligence environment and your business users quickly hunger to jump in so they can self-serve their own reporting needs. Meanwhile, your reporting development queue hasn’t become smaller, now has it? And while you’re busy building your BI environment, new report requests will keep coming in. All you have to do is keep your report development going while you accommodate requests for new reports! Read more

27 Feb 2014
by DynasoftUSA Staff

Can BRIO to OBIEE be automated?


BRIO is a legacy Business Intelligence solution which is being retired by Oracle in a planned manner. OBIEE stands for Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition, and is an enterprise level business intelligence application used for producing business reports.

Many growing and emerging companies have a requirement to migrate report data from BRIO to OBIEE. OBIEE is a more robust and latest reporting system meeting the needs of enterprise BI requirements.

BRIO to OBIEE Automation Saves Time and Money 

Until recently, migration from BRIO to OBIEE had to be done manually. Now with Dynaflux, Dynasoft’s proprietary migration tool automates conversion, 80% to 100% of the BRIO to OBIEE reports. Read more

20 Feb 2014
by developer1

Why convert all those old reports?

“So why would I even want to convert all the old reports? Maybe we should just start over and do everything new in our new system.” This was a question asked by a leader contemplating a large move to a new Business Intelligence tool from a Read more

21 Jan 2014
by developer1

Dynasoft Synergy announces new website!

01/24/2014. Dynasoft Synergy proudly announces release of its new website! Designed to distill the essence of Dynasoft and to focus on our industry-changing report conversion service, the website provides a report conversion calculator and simplified description of this amazing service.

16 Jan 2014
by developer1

Automation is the Best Strategy

The investment

How much of your own sweat and tears have gone into your reporting system? How could you really estimate that? It goes beyond the manual effort you’ve spent, doesn’t it? From understanding client needs, to learning the ins-and-outs of your reporting system, to defining tables, views, and universes, to defining and testing joins, sorts, breaks, subtotals … there’s a lot that goes into the average automated report that isn’t automated at all. Read more