Efficiency of Business Intelligence in Non-Profit Organizations

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Automated Reporting with Business Intelligence Tools

For any organization to be a success, there is a need for data about their business to be well organized as it will help in making the right decisions. Business intelligence seeks to provide ways through which they can be able to do so. Business intelligence is a sophisticated technology system used to aid the collection of data, analysis, and presentation and sharing of information with different people. It also provides the advantage easy tool for migration and consolidation of data.

Non-profit Organizations and Business Intelligence

Non-profit organizations should not, by any chance, be left out on utilizing Oracle business intelligence. For instance, a non-profit organization which aims at providing medical care for people in disaster-prone areas can greatly benefit from business intelligence. It can be used to analyze the success and performance of the past vis-à-vis where the organization is at currently.

Types of Business Intelligence

A non-profit organization should be aware of the particular needs it has for them to choose the most appropriate type. Some of the types available include;

  1. Reporting. This type specifically helps in the consolidation of data in order to come up with a report. One can also modify data, for instance relabeling data, even after the creation of the report.
  2. Charts, Graphs, and Mapping. Organizations can create and modify analyzed data that contains numbers.
  3. Data warehousing. Organizations can store data to facilitate easier access in case there is need to use that data for comparison or other purposes.
  4. Dashboards. Organizations can use this tool to display performance of people.
  5. Analytics. Analytics have the advantage of enabling organizations to put variables against each other. For instance, the given example of an organization that supports those in disaster prone areas can use this business intelligence to compare lifespan with increased access to medical care,

Benefits Non-profit Organization Get by Using Business Intelligence

Some of the benefits include;

  • Non-Profit organizations can make informed decisions. By having the data analyzed and consolidated, they will be able to track trends hence will be in a position to make good decisions in future.
  • Secondly, they can visualize data by taking advantage of charts, mapping, and graphs.
  • Non-profit organizations will be able to provide people such as volunteers with reports through the automated report migration provided by business intelligence.
  • Lastly, they get an advantage of being able to easily make comparisons between data such as that which is aggregated against well-detailed data.

Let Your Nonprofit Thrive With Dynasoft Synergy

In conclusion, BI Tool Migration is proving to be a great technological trend and non-profit organizations should take it up so that they can enjoy its many benefits. Contact Dynasoft Synergy to inquire about our professional Business Intelligence services.