BI Consulting

Bringing our deep technical know-how to customers

Bring the benefit of Dynasoft’s technical depth to your company, like so many of our customers have. How can our years of accumulated technical savvy in five key areas (Human Capital Management, Business Intelligence, Oracle Taleo business reports building and support, Oracle Enterprise Resource planning (ERP) implementation, Network Quality and Infrastructure Management, ETL Migration Service ) help you?

1. Human Capital Management (Oracle HCM)

When businesses went global, traditional Human Resources (HR) Departments faced new challenges. HR leaders must go beyond employee recruitment, development, and guidance on company benefits. Yet, with legacy systems still in place, HR is unable to break the mold.

Fortunately there’s hope. With the proper technology coupled with the development of new reports, HR can build upon their role and help their company face growth and challenges with the best team in place.

With Dynasoft’s Oracle HCM and technical experience, we can help organizations:

  • Gather data from multiple sources in order to have all pertinent information in one place
  • Analyze specific factors – such as average market pay scale, vacation pay/Paid Time Off (PTO), and health benefits, to name a few – when determining a salary for a new position or promotion
  • Implement Talent Intelligence within and outside the company in order to recruit and retain the best person for the job
  • Create personalized development maps according to an employee’s strengths, preferences, and career goals rather than taking a “cookie cutter” approach
  • Leveraging the human factor of HR, rather than relying on policies, procedures, and protocols alone
  • Develop actionable reports for different departments in order to help them leverage their most important asset – the people

From hiring to termination, Oracle HCM helps the HR Department and other organization leaders make good, solid business decisions. Simply put, Oracle HCM is the holistic approach to attracting, retaining, and developing personnel – from beginning of employment until the end.

2. Business Intelligence Services

Leading and operating a large, multinational business is an information-intensive effort. Businesses are challenged by the need for rapid market response and by cost pressures. Studies indicate that over 85% of BI implementations fail to meet the objectives of their Business Drivers. The stakes are high and decisions based on inaccurate, incomplete, or untimely information doesn’t hack it today. Well-structured and comprehensive Business Intelligence solutions mitigate these risks, creating seamless information access, and provide marketplace advantage. We partner with you to recommend, build, and co-manage an effective BI implementation strategy, coupled with a sustainable, cost-effective execution model.

Consulting / Direction Setting. Our Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing (BI & DW) Consulting offerings help enterprises align BI technology initiatives and convert the strategic business objectives and goals into BI strategy and take these ideas to action.

Enterprise Data warehousing. Dynasoft BI/DW offers complete suite of data warehousing solutions encompassing data warehouse development, implementation, maintenance operations and support. We offer full life cycle design and development activities necessary to implement an end-to-end data warehouse and business intelligence solution.
Data Management. Data Management (DM) has become indispensable for businesses to facilitate the seamless flow of information, augment business agility and boost their competitive advantage.

Our service offering in Data Management enables customers to effectively manage volumes of data and help convert information to insights.
Big Data and Advanced Analytics. With exponential growth in both structured and unstructured information, increasing number of companies is basing their critical business decisions on analytical insights. Dynasoft has a dedicated practice on Advanced Analytics & Data Mining with expertise in Big Data Analytics, Forecasting and Predictive Analytics.


3. Oracle Taleo business reports building and support.

The Oracle Taleo Cloud Service enables enterprises and midsize businesses to recruit top performers with the right cloud talent skills, aligning them to key goals and performance while developing and compensating them appropriately. Finding and retaining high performers is critical to becoming an employer of choice.

Analytics Reporting is central hub of entire spectrum of operations.

  • Dynasoft KEY BENEFIT is Automation in converting Taleo Webi reports to Oracle business intelligence at guaranteed fixed time and unbeatable low cost.
  • Preserve the years and years of efforts spent on building reports with our migration automation tool.
  • Dynasoft automation tool performs full report conversion and testing which guarantees zero defects in few minutes.
  • Build Taleo custom reports using our rapid development tools.
Take control and the more you know about your people, the more effectively you can hire, manage, and develop them. The faster you implement Taleo reporting and analytics with Dynasoft services the better  the business impact of recruiting, on-boarding, performance management, and compensation processes. Through real-time reporting, dashboards, and analytic, you can make better decisions that achieve results and drive growth.

Our services and expertise in developing smart reports spans in following Taleo products.

  • Oracle Taleo Compensation Cloud Service
  • Oracle Taleo Learn Cloud Service
  • Oracle Taleo On-boarding Cloud Service
  • Oracle Taleo Performance Management Cloud Service
  • Oracle Taleo Recruiting Cloud Service

4. Oracle Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP R12)

With Dynasoft ERP implementation accelerator, customers can go live on an Oracle R12 ERP system within just 60 days. Our design techniques and tools can further accelerate your implementation timeline. Oracle ERP Accelerators are next-generation implementation tools, templates and wizards from Oracle that reduce the time-to-benefit while mitigating implementation risks. Based on best practices derived from various industry verticals and geographies, customers rapidly adopt best-in-class business processes no matter where they are located and what industry they operate in.
Dynasoft R12 implementation enabled the clients to:

  • Think globally to make the right decisions: Make more informed decision with a global view of customers, suppliers, partners and financial data.
  • Work globally to be more competitive: With multiple organizations access control, the client could process and report across multiple national operations.
  • The new ledger and ledger sets delivered both local compliance and global corporate view which aligned with the governance demands.
  • New BI reporting tool well integrated single platform with 360 degree analysis.
  • Manage globally to lower cost and increase performance.

5. Testing and infrastructure Management Services

Today’s enterprise is experiencing growing demand for Quality Assurance. Many factors converging in parallel have generated increased focus on QA: Dynamic market trends, an ever-changing landscape of technology, the emergence of disruptive technologies (cloud, mobility, social media, …) Taken together, these profound changes necessitate a change in approach, methodology, and delivery of Testing Services.
Dynasoft’s Testing Services are built upon a strong legacy of testing expertise. Our service is endorsed for its wide spectrum of testing services, quality of resources, and broad delivery capabilities. Leading analysts recognize Dynasoft as a sound customer choice. We offer business transformation through an IP-driven, differentiated service mix strongly aligned with emerging trends.

  • Life-Cycle Testing. Traditional services across the spectrum: Functional, Regression, Non-Functional, Test Automation, and other types/levels of testing.
  • Test Consulting. Thought leadership to help you trigger a quality engineering mechanism for continuously improving your testing processes and service delivery capabilities.
  • Industrialized Testing. Test asset optimization and large-scale test automation services through Test Factory and Shared Services Models leveraging homegrown IP based solutions and ASQ tool vendor partnerships.
  • Specialized Testing. Testing of Mobile Applications, Packaged Applications, and technology-centric test services such as BI / DW, SOA, and others leveraging technology point solutions, frameworks, and tailored methodologies / approaches.
  • Managed Testing. Organizations have technology needs around standardization across domains in terms of testing, of processes, templates and reports. They have testing resource dependencies for application knowledge and testing within domains. Acquisitions, mergers, and independently run departments are commonplace, but they create challenges, such as the lack of quality control standardization across domains, increased need for risk mitigation, and planning.

Dynasoft Infrastructure Management services enable leading companies worldwide to optimize, secure, manage, and support mission-critical infrastructure. Dynasoft partners with you to align IT programs and goals with enterprise strategy to deliver solutions that drive business processes, as well as improve the availability, reliability, and performance of data center, network, and security infrastructure. Leveraging our multi-shore capabilities, we combine expert consulting, integration, support, and managed services with world-class customer service to help IT organizations reduce costs, increase efficiencies, and manage data center risk. Dynasoft’s spectrum of innovative Infrastructure Management solutions are delivered through our Centers of Excellence (CoE), Global Security Labs, Global Solution and Innovation programs, utilizing our proven Global Delivery Model and Framework.

6. ETL (Extract-Transform-Load) Cognos DecisionStream Conversion

Dynasoft has been helping several customers to modernise their BI and ETL environments. We have a well-defined methodology and skilled resources to migrate from legacy systems like Cognos DecisionStream, Data manager to modern systems like Informatica or Oracle with least risks and within stringent timelines.

Enterprises now want to migrate to new ETL technologies to improve efficiency and lower costs. ETL migration is usually considered a complex task, as it affects the overall business strategy.

ETL Cognos DecisionStream Conversion

Dynasoft can help you to:

  • Assess the existing ETL – catalogs, hierarchies, dimension builds, fact builds, job streams, etc.
  • Estimate the scope of effort involved in moving to the target environment and developing new jobs.
  • Analyze and determine the jobs that need to be recreated in the new target.
  • Develop the jobs, perform integration and user acceptance testing, and complete the transition of running production ETL in the target environment.
  • Outline the training that is needed to be proficient in the target environment going forward and provide ongoing technical support.
Feel free to contact us and we will help you get the support you seek for your business.