BI Reports Conversion Service

Dynaflux System automates the report conversion process from any BI tool to any BI tool

The Dynasoft Business Intelligence report Conversion Service

Dynasoft’s powerful conversion-as-a-service (CAAS) consists of two key components:

1. The Dynaflux System

Developed by our world-class engineering team over a six-year period, the Dynaflux System is the unique state-of-the-art centerpiece (automation tool) of the Dynasoft report conversion service.

Chart shows- Automated Report Conversion Migration

The Dynaflux System (automation tool) extracts report information from a current reporting source, then converts and publishes your reports to the desired target BI reporting system. Once complete, users can use their new reports in the new BI reporting system.

The Dynaflux System converts reports from any reporting source (e.g., WEBI to OBIEE / BI Publisher , Crystal reports to OBIEE, Actuate to Cognos, BRIO to OBIEE, BRIO / IR to BI Publisher, Actuate to OBIEE, Discoverer to OBIEE ) to work in any BI reporting destination system . Since the conversion is largely automated, the majority of all conversions occur at the lightning speed of technology, bringing enormous cost-and-time savings for customers otherwise facing grueling manual migration / conversion efforts.

2. BI reports migration project

We apply project management tools and change management standards to execute every project. Each conversion  project led by a Dynasoft project manager to ensure on-time delivery and complete client satisfaction with the results.

Automated conversion to OBIEE Oracle

More about Dynaflux System

Our team of experienced reporting and BI experts built and perfected the Dynaflux System as they converted BI reports for hundreds of industry leading customers.

The Dynaflux System performs extraction, conversion, and output generation phases at lightning speed using internal, built-in proprietary intelligence.

Depending on the individual reporting source circumstances, the Dynaflux System converts 80-100% of any report, and even fixes issues on the fly. The Dynaflux System generates intelligent log files that precisely define anything it cannot convert, for application by our offshore team. Our customers reap the savings that the Dynaflux System harvests because automation consistently beats manual conversion efforts. We have demonstrated this time and again to hundreds of customers world wide.

Once conversion is complete, our team applies the Dynaflux System’s multilayer scripts both to test the conversion and apply post-conversion solutions.

More about Dynasoft BI migration project

Dynasoft’s conversion-as-a-service program is a project that includes use of our breakthrough Dynaflux System. The project consists of the following:

Project Startup

The Dynasoft team works closely with its clients to ensure smooth startup

  • Assignment of a project manager to our client
  • Orient client to the project – how we work together, communication protocols, expectations, etc
  • Adapt to specific client needs
  • Initial classification of reports as Small, Medium, or Complex
  • Refined estimates of project cost and timeline from report classification
  • Mutual agreement on project costs and timelines
  • Detailed project plan

Project Management

A Dynasoft project manager works closely with a client project manager to coordinate all aspects of the ongoing project and to ensure client satisfaction.

  • Coordinate all Dynasoft back-end and client activity
  • Provide weekly status reports
  • Provide excellent, timely communication
  • Ensure detailed, responsive planning
  • Work with customer project management to coordinate target system roll-out and logistics
  • Inform client of new target system features that client might utilize
  • Inform client of target system limitations, differences, and idiosyncrasies client should be aware of
  • Inform client of any incompatible features between source and target reporting environments specific to the project
  • Coordinate report testing, validation, and sign-off
  • Coordinate project wrap-up

Conversion Service

The Dynasoft team executes report conversion using the Dynaflux System on behalf of the client.

  • Run report source-to-target conversions using the Dynaflux System
  • Utilize issue logs to make post-conversion the target conversion object(s), as needed
  • Execute Dynaflux System test scripts for report verification by deploying the converted file in test environments provided by customer and verifying test results for actual data sets
  • Execute industry standard pre- and post-conversion PDF and Excel comparison tools, along with other QA tools, to validate results


  • We are relied by customers to migrate just one report or several hundred reports. We are there for any need in BI reporting migration requirement.
  • We collaborate with customers at all levels of project management , change management and testing cycles.
  • We make sure customers are satisfied with performance of reports.
  • Dynasoft trains customers along the complete reports migration cycle and making customers independent.
Feel free to contact us and we will help you get the support you seek for your business.