Sections to be Defined in Custom HCM Extracts in Oracle Fusion

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Helpful Tips for HCM Extracts in Oracle Fusion

Custom HCM Extracts are created in Fusion to get the required data which are not available in the seeded Oracle reports in the desired output formats.

When we define a custom HCM Extract, it is necessary to define the following sections as per the requirements.

  1. Data groups – It is the logical entity that we add to the Extract such as Employee or Assignment. We can add more than one data group and any one of the data group must be declared as the root data group with which the other data groups have to be linked appropriately.
  2. Extract Records – Records are collection of all fields in a data group. For e.g.: if Employee is the data group, the Employee’s Job Detail is a Record which in turn has many attributes such as Job Title Name, Hire Date and other Job related information.
  3. Attributes – Attributes are the fields defined in Extract Records. This provides the detail information about the Record. For e.g.: For the Employee Record, Employee’s Name, Gender are attributes.
  4. Parameters – Based on the profile that we select while creating the Extract, default parameters are added to the Extract. We can customize those Parameters to meet our requirements by adding POST SQL or static filtering conditions.
  5. Mode of output delivery – The Extracted data can be viewed in any of the available formats such as PDF, Excel, CSV, Text or it can be scheduled and mailed to the appropriate recipients.

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