Discoverer to OBIEE: Can Migration Be Seamless?

The Need To Change – Smoothly

Taking advantage of the tools available in Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition is a smart business decision. The questions you may be asking yourself, however, may include: “Can Discoverer to OBIEE migration be accomplished seamlessly?” and “Will our users be able to utilize the reports the without having to relearn them?” We have answers.

OBIEE migration using the Dynaflux System helps save time and money – two resources a company can not afford to waste. Thanks to automated conversion, RPD and reports convert quickly and can be validated easily. Furthermore, the formatting and layout of the finished product is the equivalent of a Discoverer workbook. With apples-to-apples conversion, users will be comfortable with the new environment instead of having to spend hours retraining.

To view a sample of the steps involved, please watch our video.

Automated Report Conversion Migration Made Easy For You

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