How Big Data Influences the Sports Industry

Business Intelligence, Professional Athletes, and The Fan Experience

Basketball Arena to Accommodate the Fan Experience

What does business intelligence and the sports industry have in common? Nothing on the surface level, but the sports industry is leveraging the power of big data to create stronger sports teams, form better team strategies, improve customer engagement and identify trends.

Basketball Management

Big data has influenced basketball management as teams in the NBA use it to guide owners and coaches through the recruitment process. The 2013 – 2014 was the first NBA season to incorporate SportVU tracking: a system of six cameras in each area that tracks and measures the movements of the ball and the players on the court. This generates a database of performance and helps managers measure effectiveness more scientifically. From the information gathered, coaches can formulate a clear plan based upon the player’s natural tendencies.

Coaches are also able to measure and quantify defense, something that previously was very difficult to do. Data analysis is also suspected to lead to better biomechanics in sports and other wearable devices. Some will be able to determine the amount of physical stress players are enduring and can predict the likelihood of an injury beforehand so a player can rest before they are severely harmed. Those powerful devices could take the guessing game out of what coaches and trainers are experiencing.

The Rise of “Smart Arenas”
70% of fans bring a mobile device to a stadium or arena in order to use it during a game. Franchises are looking for way to capitalize on mobile technology and its relationship to customers. Some arenas are embracing technology to connect with the fan on their mobile device to create a more enjoyable visit. For example, the new Sacramento Kings arena set to open in 2016 will have a mobile application for check-in, ushering to seats, estimations of the shortest bathroom and concession lines, seat upgrade options, cashless commerce, and in-seat wireless charging. They will also be experimenting with drone technology to identify available parking spaces and provide unique in-arena camera angles. As BI continues to depict popular trends within the industry, arenas will likely evolve and adapt their plan.

Using Tech for Sponsorship & Integration

The association of team, sponsors and passionate fans defines modern day sponsorship. It connects disparate entities through social relevancy and authenticity. Fans tend to like or follow a brand because it is associated with a familiar team. 30% of fans who connect with sponsors via social media will make a purchase down the road. However, if the association doesn’t feel authentic or comes on too strong, it can have a negative affect.

Understand how to Incorporate Big Data into your Business

Big data in the sports industry is already bringing drastic changes and improvements. To learn how you can migrate a system such as BO into OBIEE to use big data to strengthen your business model, contact Dynasoft Synergy today at (510) 894-1461.