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ETL Migration Can Help Your Business Grow

Extract, Transform and Load (ETL) refers to the processes that enable companies to transfer data from various sources, cleanse and reformat it and then load this data into a database to analyze and support businesses operations. ETL is the key component of data warehousing.

This is the first and most important part of the ETL process and involves the extraction of data from outside data sources. It is oftentimes the most difficult aspects of the ETL process since it sets the stage for how the following processes will go. The primary role of the extraction process is to convert sourced data into a single format, which can enable transformation processing. Common data source formats include relational databases, flat files and Information Management System (also known as IMS).

This phase involves a series of functions or rules applied to the extracted data from the source to facilitate storage into the end target. For some data sources, little or no manipulation is required. Usually, one or more transformation types are necessary in order to meet the technical and business requirements of the target database.

This phase involves loading the extracted and transformed data into the end target, most often the data warehouse. The endpoint may also be an operational data store or data mart. This step varies considerably depending on the requirement of an organization.

Software developers can create ETL processes by utilizing almost any programming language. However, doing this from scratch can be incredibly time consuming and complex. As such, many companies are opting to purchase ETL tools such as ETL migration service to aid this process. By employing established ETL technology, businesses can achieve superior connectivity and scalability.

ETL technology has expanded to systems that achieve more than extraction, transformation, and loading of data including data profiling, metadata analysis, automated report migration and data quality analysis. Businesses that leverage ETL technology can have maximum performance in their data processing operations

ETL and particularly data extraction is a crucial component in the development of business intelligence through data integration. Business intelligence tools are only as good as the information fed into them. For instance, an institution may have information on customers listed in different ways across several departments. The ETL process ensures that this data is consolidated and stored in a data warehouse in a uniform presentation. This data needs to be uniform in order for data analysis to be accurate. As such, in an increasingly data reliant marketplace, data extraction eventually determines the marketing stratagems that any competitive business today will apply.

ETL Technologies and Business Intelligence Tools

The ETL process makes up the backbone of data warehouse architecture. It is vital when a business has to permanently transfer information to another application. New applications may employ a different database vendor and a unique database schema. The ETL process can be called upon to solve the data compatibility issues associated with a different database schemes. Dynasoft Synergy is a global leader in ETL technologies. We have helped countless businesses come to a better understanding of their target markets and specific infrastructure. Contact us through our website to learn more and find out how our services can help you and your business.