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  1. 1. Do we see the same classes and objects tree structure between webi and Oracle Taleo?

    Yes, In the subject area of the ORACLE TALEO environment the classes and objects tree structure and ordering will be the same as you see in the Business Objects environment.

  2. 2. Can we create Ad hoc reports in Oracle Taleo?

    Yes, it is possible and will work similar to BO reports. There are a lot of GUI options in ORACLE TALEO to view the data in different layouts

  3. 3. How do we use the converted ORACLE TALEO/BIP reports?

    The converted ORACLE TALEO reports will embrace all the features of Webi reports. Using the Oracle Taleo report will be the same like just applying prompts and viewing the data. ORACLE TALEO has options to export the report into PDF, Excel or CSV formats

  4. 4. How will the look and feel of the converted reports be?
    The look and feel of the reports in Oracle Taleo will be pixel perfect to that of the Webi reports and will contain all the report and layout formats like charts, pivots, graphs etc… . The Dynasoft automation tool handles everything during the conversion of reports.
  5. 5. Can we schedule the ORACLE TALEO reports?

    Yes, ORACLE TALEO has options for scheduling the reports on a timely basis and also handles emailing of the results.

  6. 6. Can we modify the converted ORACLE TALEO reports in future?


  7. 7. Do we need to give access to our report data in order for you to do the proof of concept (POC)?

    No, we do not need data access to your reporting environment.

  8. 8. Do we need to give sample files for the POC?

    Yes. Save sample data files (just a few records) as a zip file and send them to us.

  9. 9. How long does it take to complete a POC?

    While completing a POC for you depends on the complexity of the conversion, in general we complete our POC and provide results back to you within five business days.

  10. 10. How many reports will you convert during the POC?

    The POC consists of converting maximum of one (1) metadata file and two (2) reports.

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