Gartner Predictions

16 Jan 2014
by developer1

Business intelligence and the newer analytics create an imperative challenge and focus for every modern business.

Gartner agrees

Gartner agrees, outlining four key predictions for BI and analytics:

  1. By 2015, the majority of BI vendors will make data discovery their prime BI platform offering, shifting BI emphasis from reporting-centric to analysis-centric.
  2. By 2017, more than 50% of analytics implementations will make use of event data streams generated from instrumented machines, applications and/or individuals.
  3. By 2017, analytic applications offered by software vendors will be indistinguishable from analytic applications offered by service providers.
  4. Until 2016, big data confusion will constrain spending on BI and analytics software to single-digit growth.


While the shift is from a “reporting-centric” focus, reporting still plays a key role. Your business depends on the reports you have created, while at the same time you must take advantage of new analytics capabilities. The reports you have laboured to create represent an institutional asset, the culmination years of effort, an asset that must be preserved even as you shift your focus to analytics.



Taking advantage of analytics will not be an overnight transition. It will take its own concentrated effort and “focus,” as the Gartner report indicates. How disheartening, then, to launch an exciting drive to develop analytics only to be dragged down by requiring a team of staff and/or consultants to redevelop old reports for the new platform! If only there were a way to automate your report conversion …!