Using Business Intelligence in the Public Sector

Oracle BI Migration

BI Tool Migration for Government Agencies


While data analytics has largely been adopted by enterprise companies, the rise of Big Data and the subsequent need for Business Intelligence tools like OBIEE is gaining a foothold in the public sector. Government organizations must operate with the highest standards of accuracy, making automated business intelligence an invaluable asset in any decision-making process. Here are some of the ways BI tool migration is aiding the public sector:

Improving Services: Providing services that are in demand, such as free health care and education, must also meet the specific needs of businesses and communities. BI can identify patterns and correlations that help the public sector create tailored customized programs.

Financial Performance: Maximizing performance and profits requires accessible, accurate, and timely data. BI gives finance departments the insight needed to make decisions that reduce costs and increase sales.

Optimization of Resources: Public sector policies can directly affect economic prosperity. With effective business intelligence tools, such as predictive analytics, the public sector is better positioned to allocate resources to different sectors of the economy.

Workforce Management: Automated solutions like attendance or scheduling allow better evaluation of an individual’s performance and productivity. Additionally, after Oracle business intelligence migration is chosen, customizable features in BI software like OBIEE makes data available to anyone at any level of the organization.


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