Dynasoft at HEDW 2015 conference

Dynasoft at HEDW

Continuing our commitment to higher education, Dynasoft recently attended the Higher Education Data Warehouse conference in Bloomington, IL. The conference was attended by a few hundred participants ranging from specialists in data warehousing, institutional reporting (IR), business intelligence, and IT.

Tim Flood and Bala Murali of Dynasoft presented our report conversion service, which was well received at the conference.


Clearly, the higher education community is starting to realize that, while BI is exciting and the future is now, transitions from legacy reporting systems to OBIEE or Cognos are not trivial. There’s a growing appreciation that the amount of work that goes into a manual conversion is daunting, to say the least. This is where Dynasoft comes in: Our software service, based on automation, saves educational institutions substantially in the cost, time, and disruption of moving the reporting assets developed over the years to their new home in their new BI environment. We’re the only conversion service that bases our work on automating the migration!

Automation saves educational institutions substantially in the cost, time, and disruption

Stanford is a great case in point. While our automation enabled our service to save this great institution cost and time, we wonder if that was the greatest benefit? Perhaps the biggest savings of all was to eliminate the disruption of their migration. Here’s what we mean. Disruption is when your staff spend days, weeks, and months just re-writing the reports that have worked for years in a new system. Disruption is when you supervise consultants in this effort and check their work. Disruption is when you go through all this drudgery to simply make a ‘lateral move’ of your reports to BI. Dynasoft helped Stanford convert reports quickly and all Stanford had to do was test! That freed staff to focus on, in their case, OBIEE: learning it, designing dashboards – the kind of work that BI professionals really should be doing.

This is the message we delivered to higher ed professionals at HEDW. As you can imagine, we’re receiving more and more interest within the higher education community as word gets out about our amazing service.

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