How to get the current data in Oracle Taleo OBIEE report

Oracle Taleo OBIEE report if run the first time, will get cached if the caching is enabled. The report will be fetched from the cache for subsequent executions. This will not reflect the changes that occur in the underlying database after the first report run, as the report is coming from cache.

Steps to disable cache at the report level

  1. Edit the analysis report
  2. Navigate to the advanced tab
  3. In the Prefix text area, add the command “SET VARIABLE DISABLE_CACHE_HIT = 1;
  4. Click on the “Apply SQL” button below the text area
  5. Save the report

If you execute the report after these changes, the report will fetch the results from the database and not from the cache.

To enable the caching, remove this command from the prefix and hit “Apply SQL” button, save the report and execute it.