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In the past, managers and HR personnel relied on gut feelings and personal experience to make many hiring, firing and promotion decisions. Thanks to talent intelligence, however, that fly-by-night approach no longer makes as much sense. Talent intelligence provides managers and HR reps with data-backed insights that they can use to improve all aspects of workplace management, including employee engagement and retention. Read more

Dynasoft at OHUG Global Conference 2015

Focus on the Oracle – Taleo Cloud Migration Service

Taleo Learning Management System

image via OHUG

Dynasoft presented a session on “How to convert Taleo reports from Business Objects to Oracle Business Intelligence” on Wednesday at 2.15 pm St.Croix B hall . It was a well attended session by many customers. In addition to this session in OHUG Dynasoft had an excellent exhibition space to demonstrate the automation tool to convert Business Objects (Webi reports) to OBI (Oracle Business Intelligence reports).

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Dynasoft at HEDW

Dynasoft at HEDW 2015 conference

Continuing our commitment to higher education, Dynasoft recently attended the Higher Education Data Warehouse conference in Bloomington, IL. The conference was attended by a few hundred participants ranging from specialists in data warehousing, institutional reporting (IR), business intelligence, and IT.

Tim Flood and Bala Murali of Dynasoft presented our report conversion service, which was well received at the conference.


Clearly, the higher education community is starting to realize that, while BI is exciting and the future is now, transitions from legacy reporting systems to OBIEE or Cognos are not trivial. There’s a growing appreciation that the amount of work that goes into a manual conversion is daunting, to say the least. This is where Dynasoft comes in: Our software service, based on automation, saves educational institutions substantially in the cost, time, and disruption of moving the reporting assets developed over the years to their new home in their new BI environment. We’re the only conversion service that bases our work on automating the migration! Read more


Dynasoft Synergy Demonstrates Dynaflux at Alliance 2015

Oracle BI Tool Migration Experts at Alliance 2015

One of the premier conferences in the higher education sector is Alliance, which brings together customers and vendors oriented around Oracle products supporting this sector. Dynasoft Synergy was privileged to make a presentation at the conference in Nashville that shows how effectively we can use our automated report conversion software to migrate legacy reports to state-of-the-art OBIEE BI Publisher and Analytics. Read more

21 Jan 2014
by developer1

Dynasoft Synergy announces new website!

01/24/2014. Dynasoft Synergy proudly announces release of its new website! Designed to distill the essence of Dynasoft and to focus on our industry-changing report conversion service, the website provides a report conversion calculator and simplified description of this amazing service.