Dynasoft at OHUG Global Conference 2015

Focus on the Oracle – Taleo Cloud Migration Service

Taleo Learning Management System

image via OHUG www.ohug.org

Dynasoft presented a session on “How to convert Taleo reports from Business Objects to Oracle Business Intelligence” on Wednesday at 2.15 pm St.Croix B hall . It was a well attended session by many customers. In addition to this session in OHUG Dynasoft had an excellent exhibition space to demonstrate the automation tool to convert Business Objects (Webi reports) to OBI (Oracle Business Intelligence reports).

Dynasoft exhibition space and speaker session had enormous attention from customers who are curious to know the capabilities of conversion automation tool , process and cost to convert Taleo reports. Dynasoft demonstrated the capabilities in conversion of old reports and building new reports to legacy and contemporary areas in Taleo. Dynasoft has proven expertise and is ready to support customers in transitioning to Oracle reporting for Taleo reports.

Learn how we can assist your Taleo BO to OBIEE Report Conversion

Couldn’t attend the conference or were in attendance but have more questions? ┬áTalk to us about our seamless automated report conversion system and how we can save you time and money. ┬áContact Dynasoft today at 510-894-1461 or through our online form.

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