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Bulk Scheduler and Bursting for Oracle BI Publisher

Bulk Scheduler for Oracle BI Publisher’s custom UI configuration tool lets you schedule running, bursting, and delivery of your reports to the intended audiences and destinations according to your delivery schedule. Here are some prominent features:

  • Deployed as a web program, Bulk Scheduler lets you schedule multiple reports at a time.
  • You control not only the running and delivery, but bursting as well.
  • Using our UI, you check off the report(s) you will schedule.
  • You can add common and default parameters for each report.
  • Search and filter by report name and owner.
  • Use the Notification Tab to send a notification email to someone who cares about report execution, notifying when the report has completed, completed with warnings, failed, or been skipped.
  • Our Bursting Tab allows you to determine how the report is to be burst – e.g., using a department number parameter. Deliver burst output to specific email addresses.
  • Login to Bulk Scheduler using your BI Publisher login credentials. Bulk Scheduler is not deployed in BI Publisher itself, but the access logic (which controls BI Publisher user access) is driven from BI Publisher access control setup.
  • Use our Output Tab to email your reports or send them to a local file system. (Coming soon: FTP.)
  • Deliver reports in a variety of output types (PDF, XLS, RTF, HTML)
  • The Schedule Tab allows you to schedule report execution with a variety of scheduling options – Once, Hourly/Minute, Daily, Weekly (including days of week), Monthly, Yearly. Choose to run the report now or start it running on a certain date and time in certain time zone. Schedule the report to run between start and end dates.
  • You can also schedule reports to run using a Config mode, if you wish. This uses a Config file which can contain parameters from the List Of Values (LOV) file and which you can edit and save for future use.

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