Powerful Talent Intelligence Insights Boost Engagement and Retention

Make Better Management Decisions Powered by Talent Intelligence Data


In the past, managers and HR personnel relied on gut feelings and personal experience to make many hiring, firing and promotion decisions. Thanks to talent intelligence, however, that fly-by-night approach no longer makes as much sense. Talent intelligence provides managers and HR reps with data-backed insights that they can use to improve all aspects of workplace management, including employee engagement and retention.

How it Works

The term “talent intelligence” refers to the skills and experiences of employees. To leverage talent intelligence, businesses simply collect, store and analyze relevant data about their employees, so that they can make informed talent management decisions.

Using specialized business intelligence software, companies can even monitor employee engagement. When data indicate that employee engagement is low, the company can take action to improve engagement and reduce the chances of the employee leaving the company.

Finding the Right Business Intelligence Solution

Companies have a variety of options when it comes to business intelligence software, but some tools are obviously more effective than others. One of the most sought-after BI options is Oracle, a comprehensive software solution that optimizes workforce management. Companies can start fresh with Oracle, or they can transfer existing data into the program via Oracle

Business Intelligence Migration

Oracle BI Intelligence Migration is also appropriate for companies that want to switch to Oracle from a different business intelligence solution.

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