Taleo OBIEE Dashboard Design Best Practices

18 Apr 2017
by DynasoftUSA Staff

Taleo OBIEE Dashboard is created to display multiple analysis, key performance indicators, and reports in an easily accessible and visually compelling format. So as to track the various parameter and ensure that activities are kept up to date and on target. The following are to be kept in mind when designing a dashboard:

  • Avoid too many pages in the Dashboard – This leads to cluttering and the page may be beyond the visible range leading to scrolling
  • Make it interactive – Have column selectors, Drill down, Prompts
  • Delete Unused Views – Each view has an impact on performance and would need maintenance
  • Put a default value in dashboard prompts – This will prevent execution of a long queries that returns all data from the database
  • Ensure that the export is formatted – Dashboard may need to be exported to PDF or Excel for distribution. You need to ensure that the output is properly aligned.