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In any enterprise organization, the single most critical element that will impact performance is the personnel within the organization. Therefore, a company’s strongest advantage lies in recruiting, hiring and retaining the right people on staff to drive success and deliver the best business performance.
Many of the world’s most successful companies use Taleo’s human resource management system, a “Talent Intelligence” software, for this very reason. Taleo, formerly a division of Business Objects, was acquired by Oracle in 2012. Taleo’s talent management service enables companies – from small businesses to global enterprises – to measure, analyze, and optimize workforce strategies. Powered by Oracle, the world leader in business intelligence, the Oracle Taleo Cloud Service delivers best-in-class BI solutions that ensure clients have instant access to the information they need. In turn, this empowers managers and employees to maximize talent and drive performance and engagement throughout the employee life cycle.

Taleo BO to OBIEE Conversion with Dynasoft

Still using Business Objects based Taleo reports? Our Dynaflux automated system seamlessly converts BO reports to OBIEE based reports, saving you time and money. Automated report conversion is superior to manual conversions every time. To learn more about Dynasoft’s report migraion, visit or fill out our contact form today!