What is Your Big Data’s Story?

Big Data Storytelling

Qualifying the Quantifiable

Data visualization tools such as graphs and charts help end users see patterns in metrics. A narrative, on the other hand, has the power to evoke emotions by humanizing the information and making it actionable. Complex ideas can be translated to understandable business intelligence and actionable items.

In today’s business world, business intelligence report migration has to happen quickly and precisely. Raw data, while important, is of no use if the meaning is not available to the right audience. While a legacy system can house the data, platforms such as OBIEE drive the robust reporting. Implementing automated report conversion as the go between the two systems helps harness the power in various formats for the intended audience.

Communicating the results effectively, however, is the driver behind actions. Storytelling can take the confusion out of the equation by making the data comprehendible by using understood terms.  Additionally, leveraging emotions by humanizing data creates a message makes others want to take action. It increases the reach and takes out the confusion of misinterpretation.

The emotional impact of storytelling can:

  • Help consumers understand complex ideas and show the benefits about a product or service to assist the buying decision
  • Motivate employees to take action in areas that need improvement and stay consistent with successful processes
  • Demonstrate the effectiveness of key initiatives at an executive meaning for better decision-making

Businesses that translate information productively can reap more profitably than those that do not.

Have The Best BI Report Migration Tool in Place

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